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SEO, PPC, Affiliated Marketing, google Adsense Training Center in NOIDA

SEO, PPC, Affiliated Marketing, Google adsense Training Center in Noida
This course will provide you complete training that is needed to become an expert in SEO & secured a good job in a company.
Name Dev Tripathi
D- 60 Sector 7, Noida, UP India
Phone: +918800472607
vijay Sharma
Phone: +9999322152

Mail ID : sales@yourwebseo.com , devender@yourwebseo.com

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

5 Tips to Maximize Your Brand's Facebook Reach

1. Know Your Audience

Study your fans to know what content they want, when they want it and the form in which they want it. Chad Wittman, founder of EdgeRank Checker, a site that helps brands better understand EdgeRank, suggests that brands should evaluate their fans’ historical consumption patterns. “Dive into Facebook Insights as much as possible,” says Wittman. “Are your fans consuming content at work, on a mobile device or only responding to video? Do they prefer one or two posts per day?”

Catering specifically to your audience will result in more engagement and increase your chance of appearing in a fan's News Feed.

2. Practice Brevity, Be Topical and Don’t Play Hard to Get

Elisabeth Diana, of Facebook, stresses the effectiveness of succinct posts. Studies show that lengthy Facebook content goes unread and discourages action on the part of the user. Brief, easily digestible posts make it easier for users to consume and interact.

Diana and Wittman agree that timely posts increase fan excitement, generate spikes in engagement and allow for further reach. Keep an eye out for relevant current events and don't forget to post about holidays if they're consistent with your brand voice. Fans want to engage — sometimes they just need an invitation.

Don’t be coy with your call-to-action. Be clear and blatantly tell your fans to “like,” comment or share your post. You’ll be surprised what can you get if you just ask. These actions generate reach, since they'll end up in their friends' news feeds.

3. Mind Your Content

It’s still true that no matter what you try, quality content is the most important factor to expand Facebook reach. Provide your fans with valuable content to properly enable your posts to go further. When it comes to format, photos are the most engaging form of content that brands can post. Eye-catching and easy-to-consume photos are also weighed more heavily by Facebook when determining EdgeRank.

Asking questions of your fans is a great way to encourage comments and keep your post visible. Research by Buddy Media shows that employing the words “where,” “when,” “would” and “should” increases engagement. Posts that include “would” consistently yield the greatest interaction because they allow fans to agree through a simple “like” rather than writing a comment.
Victoria Ransom, founder and CEO of Wildfire, notes that some of the most sharable content are “personality” apps, including quizzes, trivia and “pick your favorites.”

"All these applications serve to shine a spotlight on a user’s persona," Ransom says. "These apps allow the user to broadcast to his friend’s elements of his personality, his trendsetter nature, his style and aptitude. And it turns out, users really enjoy doing that!”

4. Engage the Engagement

Fans love to know their favorite brands are listening, and many social media managers often overlook this. Answer questions asked in the comments section or simply say, “Thanks!” Be sure to tag the fan in your response so he's notified of the special attention. The fan will often “like” your comment, thus continuing the conversation and further boosting your visibility.

5. Turn Your Fans’ Friends into Fans

Facebook Insights provides administrators with the "Friends of Fans" metric, telling admins just how many people they can potentially reach organically. Friends of fans are extremely important — they are more likely to visit a brand’s Facebook Page or website, purchase a brand’s products and become fans themselves. Organically, these Facebook fans can easily be reached through the Facebook Ticker, which tracks all user activity. Keep your fans interacting with your brand, and their friends will see all "liking" activity, comments and posts in the top right of their news feed.

Now, for a not-so-organic tactic: Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads, you can specifically target just your fans’ friends and leverage their relationship. Facebook Ads are not just a way to reach your fans’ friends, but also your competitor’s fans and your own fans.

General Motors recently pulled $10 million dollars in Facebook Ads, and EdgeRankChecker’s Wittman notes that Facebook Ads are to be used to amplify your free content and should be a complementary, not primary, way to communicate with more of your fans. Ransom agrees, “In order to significantly extend reach and watch your messaging and branded content spread to 90% of your fan base and beyond it, an investment in Facebook advertising is necessary.”

10 Tips for Post Your status on facebook Page

Once your brand is on Facebook, the question becomes: How you engage those fans and sustain a meaningful online dialogue with your customers. Facebook fans will only want to engage with us if we serve up relevant content and truly participate. We also forget about EdgeRank — Facebook’s News Feed algorithm that helps display “relevant” stories. The News Feed only displays a small subset of stories generated by the friends and brands users engage with the most. The more popular your story, the more likely it is to show up in people’s News Feed. News Feed optimization becomes as important as your content strategy.
Let’s explore ways we can create updates that are optimized for the News Feed and engagement. Below are some dos and don’ts to remember each time you tackle that all-important question, "What should we post to our Facebook Page today?"
1. Don’t Automate Your Status Updates
Don’t automatically feed your blog posts or your Twitter updates into your Page. Often, automated content doesn’t make it into users' News Feeds. Your fans can also distinguish between "auto" posts and customized ones. For a lot of brand pages, auto posts do not engender engagement.
Don’t share the exact same content across all networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) in exactly the same format. We all understand the value of saving time, but respect your customers enough to manually post customized copy. You will get far better engagement and show your fans you care. Some folks who use Facebook don’t really like Twitter and get irritated when they see hashtags or other Twitter-specific content in their Facebook stream.

Friday, 8 March 2013

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Best Price of website designing With SEO

Web Packages


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Homepage variation2333
No. of Revisions2248
Contact Us Formyesyesyesyes
XHTML Codingyesyesyesyes
W3C Validationyesyesyesyes

HTML Sitemapyesyesyesyes
XML Sitemapyesyesyesyes
Meta tag analysisyesyesyesyes
Submission in Search enginesyesyesyesyes
Google Analyticsyesyesyesyes

Web hostingyesyesyesyes

Friday, 15 February 2013

Expert in internet Marketing

Internet marketing Expert SEO company , web design and promotion company
Our internet marketing services are specifically designed to effectively grow INDIA businesses in an ever more competitive and challenging online marketplace. We are proud to offer proven results for the past 3 years to companies looking to significantly enhance both their presence and sales conversions.

         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser
Our SEO services have helped hundreds of companies reach their desired first page positions on Google. Our service is geared towards providing small to medium-sized INDIAN businesses with an affordable yet effective SEO solution. We offer monthly packages that help provide an SEO service tailored for the needs of your business. Contact us today to gain an insight into how we would manage your company's SEO campaign.
    Google Adwords Management
Our in-house Google Adwords professionals can reduce monthly costs and help your online marketing campaign grow. More importantly, they will grant your company a good return on investment. Even with excellent natural listings, companies will always have to use Adwords to capture their full market share of the online audience. Reduce your monthly costs and increase your conversions – it really is that simple!
   Social Media
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It is now generally agreed that social media is a massive part of internet marketing, and it is growing year-on-year – but how can you get social media marketing to work for your specific business? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube are great ways of opening your business up to a far wider consumer base. Social Media Marketing is constantly developing new optimisation techniques, along with the integration of tried and tested e-commerce techniques.